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Friday, December 19, 2014

Solid Cactus Call Center Services

I am now in a position as sales agent for Solid Cactus Call Center Services. We offer full call center services, including order taking, answering service, call backs, returns and live online chat. Live chat is one of the most sought after website features as it saves your customers time when they call for help. If your company should be need of these services be sure and check out our website - If you call for assistance, I will be the one calling you back! Click the link below to learn more. My direct office number is (570) 359-4894
Solid Cactus Call Center Services

Friday, November 21, 2014

Appointed to the Berwick Planning Commission

I was appointed to the Berwick Planning Commission at the 11/17/2014 council meeting. I want to thank the Council for having faith in my abilities and I promise to be an asset to the committee and my community.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Final release, second edition, Centralia PA, Devils fire released!

The final release, with all typographical and grammatical corrections, of my book, "Centralia PA, Devils Fire" is now available on Amazon! Those who purchased prior to this release may contact the author for a free replacement. There have been several updates and this is now a second edition release. See the press release site for more information.
Centralia PA, Devils Fire press release 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Posted by some close minded loser re: PNC fees

Posted by some close-minded loser on my Ripoff Report complaint and my response:
No more free rides
AUTHOR: coast - ()
SUBMITTED: Thursday, July 17, 2014
It’s a lousy bank because after 25 years they are no longer offering you a free checking account. Well, aren’t you special? If you are unable to maintain at least $1500 in your 25-year-old business account then maybe you are not a profitable customer. It’s time to pay for the service.
You do not have a valid complaint.
My response -->
Sir, I beg to differ with you, but do appreciate your response. You however are close minded. I am an artist and writer and bring in less than $10,000 per year in these activities. I do it more for enjoyment than for profit, but do sell some of my work. As such, I require a business license, sales tax license AND a business account. It is not my intention to become rich at this, just to be able to sell my works to interested parties. Even the monthly fee would extract too large of a percentage of my profits to make it worthwhile, and I certainly would not want to lock up $1,500 with the bank to avoid a couple of hundred dollars in fees. As for the validity of my business, there are tens of thousands of people in my same situation with a combined net worth greater than the net worth of WalMart (per Entrepreneur Magazine, 2012, can't remember the month.) There are artists, crafts people, musicians, summer carnival vendors, part time caterers and the list just goes on. Best to think before you post such a rash response. My greatest complaint is that these huge businesses, banks included, are always jack-booting the little fellow who is struggling to survive and make a few bucks. They say we are a nuisance to them. I say, why not charge the huge companies that eat up all their server space and take endless hours to support and cut the little guy a break!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

First 150 copies of my book went out with typographical errors!

As fate would have it, it seems the first 150 or so copies of my book, Centralia PA, Devils Fire, was printed with some typographical errors. Seems they printed an incorrect version and not the proof I approved. So, if you have a copy with errors, it is now a rare first edition! If you want your copy replaced with a perfect one, just get in contact with me and I will arrange to get you an updated copy!
Thank you SO much PNC! After 25 years of service you they have advised me that they have killed their free business checking and are now charging an unreasonable fee and demanding a huge deposit to maintain checking without this fee!!! I am heading down to their lousy bank Saturday and cancelling ALL my accounts and switching them to my local bank, First Keystone, who still cares about its customers!  I encourage anyone else affected to do the same - let the bank know by the loss of our dollars how much we hate them! Share this with all your friends and spread the word across the world if you think this is unreasonable!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Centralia PA, Devils Fire, Available in paperback an Kindle on Amazon

A town burning. No one is willing to step in and put the fire out! The true story of Centralia PA and the fire which caused the death of the town, written metaphorically in "Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland" style. A wonderful melding of fiction and non-fiction with a bit of science fiction/fantasy added in. Centralia PA, Devils Fire, a book everyone can enjoy! Available now on Amazon!

Get your copy today on Amazon!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pictures of Centralia, PA today posted to Tumblr

As part of the release of my novel, Centralia PA - Devils Fire, I have posted some photos of Centralia, PA as it is today on Tumblr:

My novel, Centralia PA - Devils Fire, is now available on Kindle, soon out in Paperback

I have a Facebook page for the book. Please stop by and 'like' my page. You may comment on the book on this page as well.